About Us

New Addington Pathfinders Group is made up of local residents committed to making a difference in our area. We are proud to live and work in New Addington and want to show everyone how great it is up here. We want you to join us and help to make things even better across our community.

We believe in being good neighbours and recently asked local residents what this meant to them. Our research revealed that the top three issues that were highlighted were;

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Nuisance bikes/noise
  • Cleanliness

A Neighbourhood Agreement is a commitment between us the residents and services in the area. The people providing services give the detail of what they intend to do, including how, where and when they will do it. We as residents also have specific responsibilities in making sure things go smoothly and makes sure everyone knows what they can expect, and what they can do if things go wrong or do not happen as agreed.

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